I dont agree with Dr. Laura ‘s style.. but this America .

August 13, 2010

We  should never  forget  that many people died for the right for us to be able to speak our mind….. America  was not built by regarding  peoples feelings…or was  it ?

Nobodies Victim Available at AuthorHouse.com

March 5, 2010

Nobodies Victim will be available nationwide in 45 days

Samuel Charles Andrews publishes :Nobodies Victim

March 5, 2010

This true inspirational book is about a mans journey to overcoming childhood abuse and his battle not to live in unforgivness anymore.Samuel’s parents raised him in a church that slowly before their eyes turned into a religious sect.

Witnessing the verbal abuse of some of its members including children as well as the spiritual dependence his parents had in the sect took its toll on Samuel’s life sending him into emotional turmoil until he realized that unforgiveness was holding him back and not beneficial to his life anymore.You will encouraged to let go of anything in your past that you could not control and to move on with your life.This is a must read and share.

About The Author

Samuel Charles Andrews currently lives in Seattle, Washington.He is also a published lyricist and has lived and worked in Europe as well as New York. His other books include Tales of a Security Guard Volume One. He also has a spoken word album titled Find My Home. He is committed to helping people overcome childhood trauma such as his own.

He survived the beating death of his younger brother by his mother, mental and physical abuse by his father while being raised in religious cult in Tacoma, Washington.

Please send any comments and speaking request to:samuelwrites@yahoo.com

Free Preview

Every time I see someone carrying a young child in a blanket, I get a flash back of the time when I was seven. Standing on my tip toes looking out the window watching the sect leader carrying my dead little brother covered in a pink blanket. Placing his limp body in her car then driving off in that old Oldsmobile. My father would be walking behind her as he appeared to be behind her all of my young life thus far.

Did my father tell my mother that he had buried that abused baby in the pastors back yard ? Did he ever once stop to consider that we were at home when the death happened ? Further more did he consider what effect his actions would have on us ?

How does someone forgive a thing like this ?


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March 5, 2010

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